Getting to OK

As I sit here, pondering the content, the hook, the punch of my first official post, I find it ironic that, in my desire to create a sense of community for my fellow humans, all of whom have conquered countless obstacles just to be here,  that I am stuck in a place that feels anything but connected today. The human condition is a baffling thing. Some needs are just difficult to articulate. Ever walk up to a crowd of strangers and say, “Hey, guys…I am feeling lost today. Could we all just collectively exhale and maybe, oh, share some ideas on how I can climb out this pit of solitary funk?” That is precisely what prompted this site. We’ll call it, “Me, too.” It’s the threads that bind us…the hidden similarities that saturate us at our core…the invisible, primal need for emotional validation…the sense that, smack in the middle of the messiness that may be your life today, you are OK. And, that sometimes, it just feels good to hear it…to lean into the delicious comfort of learning that many of us are willing to admit to, “Me, too.” And, at the risk of destroying images of how we think it’s supposed to look, scores of us choose the raw, unmasked version of ourselves, and each other. Tangled lights. The ever present glow that lives at the heart of minor setbacks to unimaginable tragedies. Come as you are. With what you have. Take what you need. Share what you wish. Welcome to the tribe.

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