Sea of Responsibility

Dear Warriors,

In my daily vow to remain authentic in my ramblings, I have found that respecting where I am, at this very moment, is as vital to my well being tomorrow as much as today. I love publishing articles, daily. Exponentially more, I love the responses elicited from your insights. I love that, while you feel encouraged, I am just as encouraged and inspired by your feedback as those who read and resonate with my work. It is not uncommon for me to work six hours or more on an article. Sometimes, that means lights out at 3am. I get lost in the construction of my landscape and time stands still. (This is simply a fact and certainly not a complaint- I love it.) Today, I am experiencing an overwhelming ability to breathe easier than I have in 15 months. As such, I am taking a short, much needed break from…everything. I am listening to my body and honoring my mental space. I am going to walk across the dunes to the seaside and simply be. I am going to reflect, and hopefully, also spend some time NOT reflecting…allowing my brain to slowly release any thoughts not serving me. I could not be more grateful for the loyalty and compassion of my readers. You make my world better. Coming your way, is an abundance of love, light and wishes for tranquility. You are all deserving of the same beauty you bring into being. I will return Monday and am deeply appreciative for each of you graciously spending a part of your day with me. It is humbling beyond words, even for a writer, to be given that precious, finite gift of time. My deep desire is to give back as meaningfully as is in my human power. Thank you for meeting me where I am. Love to all. Peace, Warriors.




  1. I said, “Oh, that I had the wings of a dove! I would fly away and be at rest. – Psalms 55:6
    Please don’t give me credit for knowing scripture well enough to pluck this out of thin air. I had to search for one I thought was relevant and would be pleasing to you. Blessings and Peace be with you!

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  2. Thank you kindly for honoring your well-being… it is in this that you have given us of the abundance that you have found. And but of course you need to bask in the victory and as you said, release those thoughts that aim to steal your joy and lead one to be captive spiritually… You are a blessing!!!

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    1. You said it better! 🤣 Yes, exactly that! And, my truest desire is to offer the light and the space that others may have their own epiphany. Those of us called to do it get it, and my empathic core tells me you are a light carrier, also. Love walking this journey with you! We will meet, someday. I know this… much love and light ❤

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      1. Yes, I share the same sentiments as you!!! I love the title “sea of responsibility” that what light carriers have… a responsibility… a duty of delight…lol… And most importantly the recognition of knowing of others. This has been a lovely journey and gift to walk with you as well! We Shall meet someday, much honor, love, light and respect… thank you

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