Break. Or, Take a Break.

When I empty my thoughts through my fingers and it takes some form that makes its way to your eyes, I have likely had at least a dozen thoughts for each sentence that finds this page. That. Is. A lot. I have had a challenging week. I’m not talking catching every stop light or forgetting to pay a bill.. Some things are not really appropriate to publicize…but suffice to say I was in a “close call…” the kind that makes you appreciate that you’re alive. The next day, a friend was in a close call, as well. The week before, I discovered some long awaited news regarding my health. Sometimes, even news that brings relief reveals an intense emotional toll, as you discover that your breathing has been shallower, your muscles tenser, your nights more fitful. This, on top of the daily influx of thoughts, ranging between 50-70,000, on average, the majority of which, are negative. If I wanted to add one more thing to my plate, I’d cite sources for you rather than telling you to Google it. It’s true. We rarely go a full second between thoughts. Think about THAT. So, for this article, I’m gifting myself an evening of the fewest thoughts I can think. You already know, if you’ve read at least two of my articles, I’m likely asking something of my Warriors, too. For just these next few minutes, the five minutes it would take you to read a full article, bask. Close your laptop, put you phone on silent. Since it’s the weekend, you likely have a better opportunity to do this than if you were sitting in your office, zenning out. Be deliberate. If you’re gonna do this, DO it. The reason I chose to even publish tonight is to relay, remind, reinforce… the importance of honoring our limitations. Whatever the stress, the taskers, the appointments, the engagements, pause. Let the dog out, first. Feed the kids. Whatever MUST be accomplished, do that, first. But, at the very least, ask yourself, “Does this HAVE to be done, first?” We’re trying for five minutes of om, here. Sit down in the place most comfortable. Don’t sneak a nap. Sit comfortably, quietly, cross your legs, close your eyes. My favorite way to meditate is on the floor, but a chair works if this is more suitable to you. Now, take several slow, deep breaths. Breath is vital in meditation. As if you are turning down the volume on your stereo, imagine you are turning down the volume of your mind. Feel the quiet settle like a blanket, as a few hundred of those thoughts that have their way in our brains, daily, are shushed at your command. As uninvited thoughts intrude, and you are feeling more comfortable with controlling the volume of the incessant chatter, start to then slow the speed at which thoughts enter. One method is to imagine a slow moving brook, and each thought is a leaf that floats away and out of sight. Eventually, with enough deep breaths, concentration on both the volume and speed of your mental mania, you’ll find you have not only taken charge of the noise, but your entire being has reached a state of relaxation and where there were chards of chaos, there are crevices of calm. Do this enough, and it will absolutely improve your physical health, too. So, while I was tempted to take a break tonight, I decided to invite each of you to take a break WITH me. I LOVE hearing the feedback and insights of each and every one of you Warriors, so PLEASE share with me, your experience and if meditation is something you routinely practice, or if this was the first time you’ve ever attempted it in your life. If this is the case, it becomes exponentially easier with practice , and a mental health element you will eventually refuse to live without. For now, my thought volume is going to lower…my leaves are going to float as slowly as I can muster, and I will sign off wishing each of you good health, mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. I love all you rockstars. Peace and Om, Warriors.

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