On Being Butt-hurt

I don’t remember the first time I heard the term, “butt-hurt,” but, I picked it up quickly and ran with it, like most non-questioning lemmings. It was a fairly innocuous retort to an overreacting maniac, raging about how they didn’t get their way. If the individual didn’t subside their whining in an acceptable amount of time, they were “still butt-hurt.” If they made a lengthy attempt at logic, they were, “all butt-hurt.” And, if they were upset more than once, especially about the same issue, they were, “always butt-hurt.” Endless modifiers can be attached to the hurting of butt in order to articulate the thoughts of the  accusatory speaker. Well. Here goes THIS dumpster fire. Grow up and take accountability for the insults you’re slinging. Good thing I have a next-level gag reflex, because I’d be puking from overexposure to long rants of opinions and, then, before those same individuals can take a breath, go all Tasmanian devil on anyone whose ideas differ, in the least. And, don’t dare inconvenience this breed with facts. If they do permit your feedback, sanitize it of any and all emotion. If possible, use your newscaster voice. If the response is electronic, imagine you’re a journalist. Journalists, being trained to report, not sway or convey emotion.. Am I way off, so far? It’s become an epidemic, the inability to exhibit the most basic respect for our fellowman. If you do, there are labels to go with that, too. Compassion, empathy, or simply being concerned on a human level by events happening in our community or around the globe has become a weakness. When? When did we start using those peel off name tags and, in Sharpie, write, “Superior?” As I admitted in the first line of this piece, I’ve been guilty of lazily summarizing others’ identity by using this term. I haven’t totally mastered it, but, I am cognizant of how and when I use it.  It’s likely jokingly with friends over something miniscule, but never about a political affiliation, religious belief system or if you do or don’t support any number of proposed laws. I don’t engage in that shit. When it’s definitely NOT used, is to step on the air hose of another after I’ve said or done something that gives that person every right to have an emotion (uh-oh..trigger, we also ration those, now, too) about what just spewed from my face in the form of judgement. It has become the go-to phrase when people refuse to take accountability for anything from their unnecessary harshness to the shredding of a person’s entire character, all because they aren’t in your camp. Who is really “butt-hurt” here? It’s become a pass that instantly invalidates another’s perspective. It negates their emotional response to things that may be deeply personal, and hurtful. No matter the reason why they disagree, it is utter hypocrisy, in its most blatant form, to play this card instead of reminding ourselves nobody died and made us Internet Jesus. What’s terribly frustrating, is it works. It successfully shuts down another human’s ability to publicly disagree, present a different perspective, or even elaborate in an attempt to clarify why they feel what they feel. And, if they proceed, they risk reinforcing the catch-all term for “those who don’t see things my way.” Every time I read the words, I picture a grown-ass man, or woman, crossing their arms, closing their eyes, and turning their head, and speed shouting “Butt-hurt!” as they interrupt any logical response to their mud-slinging. It screams, “I get to act out like a crying two year old, spinning around in the floor of the supermarket to convey how badly I want candy.” “But, if you dare call me on my bullshit, I don’t possess the ability to reason that would allow me to intelligently engage further, so, “butt-hurt” is much more a punctuation of my own limitations than a description of you.” I have done the obvious and eliminated the worst offenders. The overuse of the word should make us all pause and question why we feel the need to label, deny and shut even (especially) rational responses to scornful attacks. For the love of all that’s holy, check yourself. Back off. What’s the worst that would happen if you don’t post your political and moral opinions like you’re being paid to foster anger? What’s the worst that would happen if you “permitted” someone the same space your fat ego is taking up? If this doesn’t resonate, it clearly doesn’t apply to you. If so, think more, spew less. If it’s authority you wish to feel, your aim has failed, miserably. You sound like a punk that challenges someone to a fight after school and then and then doesn’t show up to the playground. So, for all the “butt-hurt” people in the world who dare to feel, express a human emotion, a belief, a disagreement, it’s much more satisfying to do so people who can get through a conversation without crossing their arms ands closing their eyes. It’s worth the minute it takes any of us to ask ourselves, “What’s my intention? WHY is it my intention? Can I maturely ‘allow’ the same rights to the targeted individual without getting butt-hurt if they call me on my insults?” Peace, Warriors…and may your butts all be free of pain, today.


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