The Only Way Is Through

The beauty of being human involves intensities: raw, inconsolable pain, tears that seem will fall without end, standing at the edge of the fire and knowing that the only way across is through. It is filled with change that happens from one breath to the next. Sometimes, that change will take your very breath away. It is a labrynth of love and loss, of mourning and celebration, of growth and setbacks. It is being lost in the middle of no where, with no heading, no destination and no understanding of how you landed there. It is the human condition of confusion at what you thought you understood, the letting go of beliefs upon which you were sure you were solidly grounded. It is the agony that demands an outlet, the defeat that mocks your honest efforts, the 2am realization that silence is the most deafening sound you will know. It is the incessent beating of your heart, refusing to give up, even when you fail to recall a time it has bled worse than the here and now. It is terror of the unknown and the long days of waiting for the comfort of once again, finding your path. It is the intellectual knowledge that defeat, loss and emotional lacerations will not be the end of you, though every fiber of your being cries otherwise. It is a deep breath, a reflection of all you have overcome, and pinpoint of light in your soul that whispers, “Go on. Even this, you can do.” It is lifting your head to view the horizon after seeing only the tear stained earth beneath you. It is standing amidst all that has crumbled around you, and, scanning the rubble, spotting like a cherished possesionfrom a fire’s destruction, beauty that was once unbroken and remembering when you, too, were unbroken. And it is stepping forward, with all your confusion, with all your agony, with all your scars, and being patient with yourself while you become whole once more. It is loving what has brought you to this place, with no desire to erase it, for this much you do know: Nothing is wasted. All seemingly meaningless moments are perfectly orchestrated in life, and nothing, at all, is ever wasted.

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